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website: St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Founded in 1921, our church is located in the heart of historic Morris County, five miles from Morristown, in the town of Whippany, New Jersey. It is a very active and growing parish with a new campus that includes our newly consecrated church as well as the 24,000 square foot Ukrainian American Cultural Center of NJ.

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website: Selfreliance Federal Credit Union

Selfreliance Federal Credit Union

Contact: Michael Koziupa

Selfreliance Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative composed of members of a common background and bond. It exists for their benefit. It must provide varied types of financial services at highest professional levels and create a caring environment for its members. It must foster the ideals of cooperation, promote ethnic strength, and provide long-term stability to our Ukrainian-American community.

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website: UCCA Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc. Morris County, NJ Br.

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc.

Contact: Michael Koziupa

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) is a non-profit, non-partisan community-based organization that has represented the interests of Ukrainians in the United States since 1940.

With a National Office in New York City, a bureau in Washington, D.C. and dozens of local grassroots chapters throughout the United States, UCCA’s staff and a nationwide network of volunteers advocate in the name of over 1.5 million Americans of Ukrainian descent.

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website: UMWLA Ukrainian National Women's League of America - NJ

Ukrainian National Women’s League of America – NJ

Contact: Oksana Lodziuk

Established in 1925, the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA) is the longest-running and largest Ukrainian women’s organization in the US. Our mission: uniting women of Ukrainian descent and affiliation in service, friendship and dedication in order to promote and develop educational and cultural efforts and humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians worldwide.

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website: Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization

Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization

Contact: Orest Pencak

The ideological foundations of Plast, outlined by its founder Dr. Oleksander Tysovskyj and expanded during Plast’s early development, are built on a Christian worldview and the idea of loyalty to the Ukrainian nation and its ideal of nationhood. They are briefly expressed in the

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website: CYM Ukrainian Youth Organization

CYM Ukrainian Youth Organization

Contact: Eugene Soltys

In the early 1920’s, as the unsuccessful armed struggle against the forces of Bolshevism approached an end, members of the Ukrainian intelligencia recognized the need for continued resistance and for the preparation of a renewed effort to regain the independence of Ukraine. So began the Association for the Liberation of Ukraine (or CBY, its Ukrainian acronym). The CBY encompassed Ukrainians of all ages and of all geographic regions within Ukraine. With an emphasis on organizing students and young men and women in the battle to free Ukraine, from within the youth sector of the CBY was born CYM, the Ukrainian Youth Association.

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website: Lesia Ukrainka School of Ukrainian Studies

Lesia Ukrainka – School of Ukrainian Studies

The main objective of our Ukrainian School is the education of our students in Ukrainian language, literature, culture, geography and history in order that they may retain their Ukrainian heritage. The school has been able to instill in these students a strong sense of their identity as Americans of Ukrainian descent, and an understanding of their responsibility to carry forward the Ukrainian tradition.

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website: Iskra Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and Academy

Iskra Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and Academy

Currently, Iskra consists of a school, for dancers from the ages of 3 through high school, and a performing ensemble, where advanced dancers perform complex choreographies at a professional level. Additionally, Iskra recently added an adult class – dance-based fitness, not geared toward performing.

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website: ULA Ukrainian Learning Academy

Ukrainian Learning Academy

Contact: Oksana Petryna

Ukrainian Learning Academy opened its doors in September 2012 with the mission to incorporate Ukrainian culture and tradition into everyday learning and make a difference in each child’s life!

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website: Chornomorska Sitch Ukrainian Athletic-Educational Association

Chornomorska Sitch Ukrainian Athletic-Educational Association

Chornomorska Sitch strives to create a community of people who are enthusiastic about learning and teaching sports and good sportsmanship within the Ukrainian diaspora. Sitch offers multiple opportunities, both recreational and competitive, across both youth and adult levels, for golf, soccer, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

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website: UMANA /УЛТПА - Українське лікарське товариство північноЇ Америки

UMANA / УЛТПА – Українське лікарське товариство північноЇ Америки

Contact: UMANA

UMANA is composed of 19 Branches throughout the USA and Canada. UMANA sponsors regular medical conferences, publishes a Ukrainian language medical journal Likars’kyj Visnyk (JUMANA), circulates an English language newsletter The UMANANews, and distributes a biennial directory of members.

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